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  • Jeff Minder

Welcome O'Fallon MO and York PA

We just finished a certification run for 2 of our newest Franchisees. O'Fallon Missouri and York Pennsylvania. Kevin and Scott are ready to kick ass and take names in their perspective territories providing board and train services for pets as they complete their advanced training for service dogs, protection dogs, and special security dogs.

They each grabbed one of my fully trained Foundation Dogs® as they begin training their own puppies as demo dogs for their businesses. This process allows a new franchisee to be up and running instantly with a demo dog that puts the competition to shame.

Each demo dog can be finished and sold as a protection dog, a service dog and/or a special security dog at the convenience of the franchisee as they train another puppy, and another puppy...through our Foundation Dog Program.

No other dog training franchise does what we do at Top Tier K9 Franchising, they don't even try.

Hang on for a stellar 2024!!!

Help me congratulate Kevin and Scott!!


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