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Top Tier K9 Franchising Testimonials


Ken Weadick

Top Tier K9 - Greenwood Indiana


I was drawn to Top Tier K9 by the depth of training available through the training academy. They’ve been training dog trainers at a high level for a decade. I was also interested in the diversity offered from Pet Training through multiple working dog applications. I’ve been operating as a franchise for a year now and what I’ve been even more impressed by is the value of the network offered by the Top Tier K9 community. There is a group of like-minded professionals that share your passion and support your mission.  

As a group the franchise offers more than I would ever consider let alone be able to deliver on as an individual, from a well-developed breeding program of working line dogs, to access to an evolving presence in the virtual reality world, as well as professionally recorded supplemental training videos for training clients, and intelligently designed programs and integrations for service dogs, the list goes on and is being added to regularly. 


Top Tier offers an ability for first time business owners to step into the journey of becoming self-employed, but also offers value to folks like me. I have owned several successful businesses over the last couple of decades but have benefited and appreciated not having to shoulder the load of starting all over on the ground floor. You can step in and focus on training dogs from day one.   

Julie Madison

Top Tier K9 - Bradenton


When I found Top Tier K9 in 2020, I wasn’t looking for anything more than to help my dog. I found that information in spades and fell in love with the program and the company. My life took a drastic shift in 2022 and I was reevaluating my next steps, I put a ton of thought into franchising with Top Tier K9, and there wasn’t an angle it didn’t make sense. The support is unparalleled in knowledge and resources.


The opportunities it opened up for me to become financially independent and stable were unmatched, especially in a field I am so passionate about. In less than a year, I was able to start in a new area with no connections, to being one of the most respected and well-known trainers in my area. I work hard and I dedicate my time to making the most of this amazing opportunity, but I feel that being a part of Top Tier K9 magnifies the effect of my efforts.


I now have a year under my belt of being a franchise member and without a doubt it is one of the best business decisions I have made.


Bridget Weidner,

Top Tier K9- Aurora, Colorado.


I graduated high school in 2021 with a lifelong dream of becoming a large animal veterinarian. Covid hit in 2020 meaning my entire senior year was remote, the last thing I wanted after graduation was to be back in a classroom environment. I began thinking outside the box, searching for other careers that were centered around animals. I became very interested in the idea of owning and training my own protection dogs. Top Tier K9 was the #1 Dog Training school that came up when I started researching. After some back and forth, I made my decision to study at Top Tier K9.


I began the online portion in August of 2021 and certified as a Pet Trainer in October the same year. I returned home to Colorado temporarily and decided to move back to Madison, Florida in April of 2022 to start my internship on campus. During my internship, I certified as a Foundation Dog trainer, helped train and sell multiple service/protection dogs and eventually earned my Master Dog Trainer certification. I now own 2 personal working dogs that I demonstrate to the public. Around the same time I got my Master certification, I committed to a Top Tier K9 Franchise and moved back to Aurora, CO in June of 2023 to begin my business journey.  

I chose Top Tier K9 Franchising because of the endless support and growth of the school and company in general, the training approaches and the ability to train all levels of dogs (and humans). Top Tier K9 utilizes a science-based approach, Bloom’s Cognitive Taxonomy, to ensure both human and dog are learning efficiently to receive the proper outcome in the end. I value Top Tier K9 for giving me the opportunity to pursue my career at 19 years old and helping me learn the ropes of the dog training industry and business early on. The best part of my franchise experience has been being my own boss, growing my education and independence as well as capabilities as a business owner. The American dream!  

The results of a well-trained handler/dog team are life changing. Knowing you helped in that process is the most rewarding feeling in the world. From providing service and protection dogs to simply helping a family pet with obedience, my experience with Top Tier K9 has been, well, Top Tier. We will never stop improving.  

Kevin Reed

Top Tier K9 - York Pennsylvania

I gave 25 years of my life to big corporate just to have them tell me thanks we no longer need your services. I didn't know what would happen next. So I started thinking about what I really enjoy doing. I have loved working with dogs all my life but was stuck trying to find a trainer or training system that worked for me and my dogs. I started looking at dog trainer schools. I found Top Tier K9 consistently showing up on lists of top schools. I started doing more investigating on how the schooling worked and what it was all about. I found that it was the only school with live meetings plus in person training that met my need to learn from home and do it effectively plus the opportunity to also learn in person. I loved the balanced training approach and that the dog learns to learn. I also found that Top Tier K9 is a school for trainers and so much more. 

I decided my long-time desire to work with dogs was the direction I wanted to go. The next thought was " how am I going to support myself just starting out as a trainer?". I started looking into the franchise option. It was a scary thought about being "on my own" after getting a steady paycheck for so many years. I talked with Jeff and other franchise owners. They gave me confidence in the training, the support and the overall ability to make this happen and be successful. I have to actually thank big business for letting me go because without them, I would not have had this new door/opportunity open for me and be able to commit to it. I look forward to never working again as I am doing what I love and no longer working. 


Scott Verhey 

Top Tier K9 – OFallon Missouri


As a current business owner in the pet world, I was looking to supplement my current customers and new customers with dog training.  I live 30 minutes from a couple of dog training schools, and one being highly ranked in the nation.  After reviewing options and talking with Jeff Minder a few times I made the no brainer decision to franchise with Top Tier K9 and have not second guessed it once.  Top Tier K9 offers a balanced approach to dog training with the realization that dogs are better than humans.  The organization provides a holistic approach from educating franchisees on the dog training process while also offering videos and the only Virtual Reality dog training in the Metaverse for clients.   Beyond the pet training the organization also takes part in delivering working dogs to those in need for protection, service, and security purposes.  Their breeding program is top of the line and along with their Foundation Dog patent/trademark program the competition cannot touch them.  The best part of the franchise experience so far has been the ability to watch the organization give back to the community in programs like the 15 dogs for 15 veterans and latest Pi the Service dog program.    The revolution of dog training has started and excited to be on the front line of making a difference for dogs and their humans.

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