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  • Jeff Minder

A Formal Education

Top Tier K9 is truly the only dog training school and franchise that not only has Certified Master Dog trainers working for it, but also professional educators and degreed course design specialists.

So many dog trainer schools simply promote the sport accolades of their instructors, they take a great dog trainer and put him in a position to teach humans. It's a path to failure. Teaching humans has it's own challenges and should not be attempted by those who are not trained and certified as human educators.

When you choose Top Tier K9 and Top Tier K9 Franchising, you not only learn how to train dogs from some of the top dog trainers in the world, but they are also trained human educators and what they teach you is properly designed to ensure you have a scientifically proven learning process. You learn to train dogs and their owners. K9 and human.

Contact our Founder, Jeff Minder @ (850) 321-3253. He actually answers his phone and will walk you through the process to become a professional dog trainer and open your own dog training business. Absolutely no experience required, we teach you everything you need to know and we will train your staff as well.


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