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  • Jeff Minder

The Next Service Dog

Pi (3.145) is a mathematical equation.  The name was chosen for this Golden Retriever puppy because she is probably going to lose one of her legs.  You see, her mother damaged Pi's foot at 2 weeks old and with a load of vet visits and specialists assistance, she will probably lose the leg, or a portion of it.


Pi comes from an amazing breeder who has provided multiple dogs that have performed well in our Foundation Dog® program.  We were getting another dog (Motive) and discovered Pi in the process.  Making the decision to place a field line Golden Retriever in a family environment is hard enough without trying to mitigate that family being able to work with  a 3 legged field line Golden Retriever.  How could Pi live "her best life"? 

The breeder agreed to give us a shot at putting Pi through our Foundation Dog® program and working to finish her as a service dog for a person with disabilities.


We had just completed our 15 dogs for 15 veterans program and were receiving calls daily for more service dogs so we felt that teaching the public how we train service dogs, and using Pi as a model for the program, would be a great life for Pi, educate the public, and get another service dog for a deserving disabled veteran.


So this is the story of Pi.  So far she has adjusted well to our Blackwater Bay location, and has started phase 1 of the Foundation Dog program.  We will be traveling around Pensacola, Milton, Ft. Walton Beach, Crestview and everywhere in between to do demonstrations of Pi as well as our protection dog, pet training and service dog programs.


To help us in our work simply use services from any of our programs, the Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers, our video streaming program, or our pet training services from any of our certified locations. Just tell the trainer "Pi Sent Me" and a portion of your payment will automatically be added to this program. 


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