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  • Jeff Minder

Foundation Dogs Lead the Way for your Franchise

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Having a Foundation Dog® as your demonstration dog for your franchise is one way to beat the competition. Foundation Dogs demonstrate your skills as a master dog trainer and create a replicable path for training and distributing Foundation Dogs finished as Police/Military K9 (Special Security Dogs), Service Dogs, and Protection Dogs in your own community. Top Tier K9 Corporate maintains an inventory of Foundation Dogs that you can sell. We will help you finish these dogs as service dogs, protection dogs, and special security dogs until such a time as you build your own inventory and skill set to train and finish these dogs in-house.

We have programs specifically for service dogs for disabled veterans ( and ( )as well as protection dogs for abused women ( ). These programs give you the ability to help those in need in your community with some of the top dogs on the planet. Our current inventory is listed at .

Take your demo dog and get out in the community, demonstrating advanced obedience routines, protection, tracking, scent detection and more. Establish demonstration routines at local venues and provide training seminars in your local community. Use our Mobile Support Team to help you draw a crowd and wow your audiences.

Foundation Dogs were the first dogs in the world to be trained to hunt for and indicate on the COVID-19 virus. That is testament to the power of the Foundation Dog training program. The US Trademark and Patent Office issued it's protection to our trademarks of Top Tier K9® and Foundation Dog®. That means no one else can use those terms, only us, the Top Tier K9 franchise system, so get out there and own the day, build your pet training business and show off your Foundation Dog skills! Top Tier K9 Franchising, LLC 3011 Garcon Point Rd. Milton, Fl 32583 (850) 321-3253


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