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Top Tier K9 was built using world-class portfolio, program, project and product development processes and methods. We started in 2013 and worked for a year to find the weaknesses of other schools and dog training businesses. We then launched in 2014 and within 5 years became recognized as one of the top dog trainer schools in the world. To date, we have certified more than 150 dog trainers around the world and many of them went on to open and run their own successful private label dog training businesses. We then started the program to create Foundation Dogs®. This is equivelent to the Auto industries use of things like Foundation Vans that are fully ready to be "tweaked-finished" as police transports vans, security vans, vans for people with disabilities etc. We obtained the US Federal Trademark for Foundation Dog® as a recognition of our project processes developed to create a replicable training program to take high quality litters, select top performing puppies, and then put those puppies through the Foundation Dog® traning program. This amazing process has created some of the top protection, service, virus detection and special security dogs available to the public and is also the reason we have our own world-class breeding program called "Litters on the Ground". It also created the ability to have dogs ready to be finished as high level working dogs within 8 weeks of contract versus, for instance, an average of 5 years in the service dog industry for a disabled veteran to obtain a service dog. Ours are available in only 8 weeks. This process was also validated as our Foundation Dogs® were the first in the world to be trained to hunt for an indicate on the COVID-19 virus. This virus itself is 1/4 the size of a wave of black light, and Foundation Dogs were trained to find that virus as early as March of 2020, just 3 months after the virus was discovered. Lt. Col Oliver North did an amazing job on his show "Real American Heroes" in his interview of Jeff Minder relating to this work. The next major project was the software development of the world's first Virtual Reality Dog Training Center. This allows our customers to learn how to apply rewards and corrections to the training process on a virtual dog prior to their real dogs. they use this system while we, our students, and now our franchisees are training the customers real dog. Franchising this system was are next, obvious, path forward to fullfill our portfolio, program, project and product development efforts. This video was produced around 2008 by our Founder, Jeff Minder PMP, and this concept of business development is what formed Top Tier K9 and has made Top Tier K9 the powerhouse that it is and will shape it's growth moving forward. Enjoy

You can't expect your staff or your business partners to simply work "harder and faster". Get the right people in the game and work will get done properly.

Make sure to properly define your customer and work to satisfy their needs, not their wants. Do not try to make customers happy. That is the job of their spouse. Satisfy your customers by defining the scope of what you are doing effectively, then deliver on that scope.

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