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Top Tier K9 Franchising

The Professional's Choice

Top Tier K9 is recognized as one of the top dog trainer schools in the world.  For the past decade we have trained and certified more than 200 dog trainers.  Their success as dog trainers and business professionals is the driving factor for our expansion through franchising.  We sold our first franchise in October of 2022. 

Established in March of 2014 Top Tier K9 quickly rose to the top of the dog training industry through our creation of the Foundation Dog®, our ground breaking work in training the world's first COVID-19 detection dogs and the creation and launch of the world's first Virtual Reality Dog Training Center. 

Our board and train pet training program is what created the foundation for our success.  This program uses a balanced approach to dog training and a focus on training the dogs and their owners, equally.  This is the part of the business that is being offered as a franchise.

Our Franchisees learn advanced pet training, world-class business development and project management as part of their initial training.  In addition, they learn to train a Foundation Dog® to track, find specific odor, perform advanced obedience and protect.  This Foundation Dog® becomes the franchisees demo dog to showcase their dog training skills against their lesser equipped competitors.

Benefits to Franchising with us

  • Become a certified dog trainer through Top Tier K9, one of the worlds best dog trainer schools.

  • Learn business development and project management from award winning entrepreneurs.

  • Have an amazing demo dog that tracks, finds specific odor, performs protection and is off leash obedient.

  • Learn to train pets and working dogs (Foundation Dogs®).

  • Launch your business under the Top Tier K9 brand.

  • Participate in ongoing dog training seminars, masters level certifications, and unmatched sales and business development programs.

  • Utilize the worlds first Virtual Reality Dog Training Center to help train your clients.

  • Send your employees through Top Tier K9 for their training and certifications.

  • ...and so much more

Home: About Us

About Our Founder

Top Tier K9 was founded in March of 2014 by Jeff Minder.  Mr. Minder brought an immense amount of business capability to the dog industry and is not only recognized as one of the top dog trainers in the world, he is also an award winning teacher and has been recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs in North America by Dell Computers and National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB)

Mr. Minder has taught business analysis and project management for some of the largest and most successful companies in the world and has also taught at many different colleges and universities.  Lockheed Martin, Motorola, the United States Air Force, Knowles Atomic Power Lab, Roche Pharmaceuticals and many other Fortune 100 companies.  The University of Texas (Austin), University of Florida, University of North Carolina (Charlotte), UCLA Health are just a few of the universities and colleges where Mr. Minder has taught advanced business and project management techniques.

The founder and trademark holder of the Foundation Dog®, the first trainer to train a dog to hunt for and indicate on COVID-19, and the inventor of the world's first Virtual Reality Dog Training Center.  Mr. Minder has brought all his skills and experience together to create one of the greatest dog training programs in the world and has put together the Top Tier K9 Franchising System for the benefit of  franchisees, the dogs they train, and the owners who love them.


The Franchisee

You receive the 8 week live online pet trainer course followed by 2 weeks of onsite certification with advanced business bootcamp at our Madison Florida Campus.  This is followed by 14 weeks live online of our Foundation Dog® trainer class to train your own demo dog for your business and to learn how to train dogs to track, find specific odor, perform protection work and advanced obedience.

You can then prepare to launch your own Top Tier K9 Franchise

Training Your Customers

With the franchise you have access to our customer centric training systems including video streaming, DVDs and our world's first (and world's only) Virtual Reality Dog Training Center.  This is where your customer can obtain training while you are training their pet.  We relieve that pressure from our franchisees

Franchisees can hire Top Tier K9 certified dog trainers to work for them, 

Reselling Fully Trained Dogs

If you have a customer who needs a service dog, protection dog, or special security dog Top Tier K9 Corporate maintains a large inventory of trained Foundation Dogs® to finish and resell to your client base.  That is until you complete the advanced training (optional) to learn to train and finish those Foundation Dogs® yourself.

This training is phase 2 of the franchise and is not included in the base franchise program and is an optional program for franchisees who want to train and sell working dogs.

Market Development

Top Tier K9 is known as one of the Top Dog Training Schools in the world.  We maintain a litters on the ground program for the selection and training of working line puppies, we have the Build a Battle Buddy program that provides service dogs to disabled veterans and the K9 Warriors for Women program that provides protection dogs for women.  Our ground breaking Virtual reality Dog training Center will be used to help train your customers as well as to drive new business to all the franchisees. These programs are available to our franchisees 

Network of Support

Our certified trainers include lawyers, doctors, surgeons, IT professionals, tradesmen, military and law enforcement personnel and so many other professionals who have left their fields to become dog trainers.  We all help each other out.  You will be a part of a rare family in the dog industry, one that actually supports each other.

We have DVD and video streaming to help train your customers as well as the world's first Virtual Reality Dog Training Center for customer support and training.

Value Proposition

Work out of your home, a small facility like a portable building, a store front or a large kennel operation.  You can open a "Top Tier K9" training center or you can add "Training by Top Tier K9", "Powered by Top Tier K9"  to your existing boarding kennel, grooming shop, pet supply store, outdoor store or any range of existing businesses that want to get into the lucrative dog training industry

Most importantly:  You get to


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Home: Contact

Step 1

Contact Jeff Minder at and request an application. Fill out the application and submit to our corporate office

Step 2

If you are a qualified candidate, You will receive and sign a receipt for a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Step 3

We will examine your territory requested, background check, credit check, proof of citizenship and financial disclosure/review

Step 4

You can then purchase the franchise license for your approved territory and begin the pet trainer program.  We run 5 programs per year.

Step 5

Complete your pet trainer certification and business bootcamp.  Start your franchise in your territory

Step 6

Begin the Foundation Dog® Trainer class (online), obtain a working line puppy (from us or any reputable breeder) and start building your demo dog.

Make money training pets


2409 SW CR 360 Madison Fl 32340

(850) 321-3253

None of the communications on this website should be construed as an offer to sell a franchise.  We will not offer any franchise for sale: (i) until your state has duly registered our franchise offering or duly exempted our franchise offering from registration, if your state requires registration exemption; and (ii) until we have duly delivered our Franchise Disclosure Document to you in compliance with applicable law.

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